A Straight-Forward, Yet Powerful Project Management Tool For Freelancers

Don't waste time with complex task management tools. Task Pigeon is a simple to use, yet effective task management tool for freelancers.

Task Pigeon is The Ultimate Task Management Tool For Freelancers... Because It Just Works!

Task Pigeon Free Task Management Software - Dashboard Overview

Focus On What Really Matters As A Freelancer

When you freelance, time is money. Don't get bogged down in complex task management tools or systems.

Task Pigeon is a straight-forward tool for freelancers, yet it still comes backed with all the features you need to create, assign and manage your workload.

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A Central Dashboard To Manage Freelance Clients

As a freelancer you don't want to jump from one tool to another as you switch between clients and projects.

Task Pigeon provides everything you need to centrally manage client tasks and projects.

With private tasks you can even invite clients to your Task Pigeon account while keeping their task details confidential.

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FREE For Freelancers!

If you are a solo freelancer then Task Pigeon is an ideal tool for you.

In addition to making it easy to create, assign and manage tasks, Task Pigeon also has a free tier for teams of less than 5, making it ideal for freelancers.

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