Increased operational complexity shouldn't be an administrative burden

Task Pigeon is an easy to use, yet powerful task management application that can keep you on top of all your operations.

Thousands of Customers Trust Task Pigeon
To Manage Their Company's Operations

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It's A Simple, Yet Powerful Application
To Keep On Top Of Your Company's Operations

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Handle The Numerous Moving Parts Of Your Operation

With a large number of operations making up your business it can be hard to keep everyone on the same page.

With Task Pigeon you can easily keep teams on track with categories that split operations along department or function lines.

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Flexibility That Scales With Your Operations And The Size Of Your Team

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A Complete, Yet Flexible View of Your Operations

Navigate tasks assigned to you and members of your team. View tasks:

  • Using Kanban Boards
  • In a "List View"
  • As Task Tiles
  • Assigned to your team
  • Assigned to you individually
  • By a particular category
  • That are overdue / due soon
  • Marked as in progress
  • That have been completed

Manage Your Operations Without The Unnecessary Complexity

Operations often fall short when staff spend more time talking about tasks, that actually working on them.

With no need for complex on-boarding or staff training, Task Pigeon makes it easy for your team to see exactly who is working on what, when.

With an increase in user adoption and engagement comes increased productivity and an easier way to keep track of operations

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Everything You Need To Create & Oversee
Your Company's Operations

Create Tasks

Create & assign tasks to one or more people on your team.

Manage Tasks

Manage tasks & keep track of what's in progress or due soon.

Categorize Tasks

Categorize and filter tasks by category, due date & status.

Flexible Tasks

Create standard or multi-step checklist style tasks, with unlimited items.

Private Tasks

Mark tasks as "Private" so they only appear on your dashboard.


Upload files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box & OneDrive.

Task Pigeon Free Task Management Software - Checklist And General Tasks View

A Single View Of Your Operations

Task Pigeon focuses on providing a single, easy to understand view of your operations.

You and your team can then filter based on your own responsibilities, individual categories/departments, tasks that are in progress or due soon.

Overall its a simple, yet powerful tool to help you keep on top of your operations.

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