The straightforward task management tool for teams who want to get things done

Task Pigeon is task management software that lets you track, manage and collaborate on your team's everyday tasks with ease.

Thousands Of Customers Trust Task Pigeon To Manage Their Team's Tasks Every Day.

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It's A Simple, Yet Powerful Application
For Teams Both Big & Small.

Task Pigeon Free Task Management Software - Dashboard Overview

Refreshingly Easy To Use

Get everyone in your team on the same page. Quickly and easily assign tasks, and manage who is working on what, when

All without the need for complex workflows, on-boarding or training.

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Gain Control of Your Workload & Manage
Tasks The Way You Want

Task Pigeon Free Task Management Software Filter Tasks

View & Filter Your Tasks With Ease

Navigate tasks assigned to you and members of your team. View tasks:

  • Using Kanban Boards
  • In a "List View"
  • As Task Tiles
  • Assigned to your team
  • Assigned to you individually
  • By a particular category
  • That are overdue / due soon
  • Marked as in progress
  • That have been completed

A Flexible Approach To Task Management

Manage projects and tasks in an environment that best suits you.

Our online task management software allows you to create and manage your tasks as tiles, using Kanban Boards, in a list view or from your email.

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Everything You Need To Manage Your
Team's Tasks Without Any Hassle

Create Tasks

Create & assign tasks to one or more people on your team.

Manage Tasks

Manage tasks & keep track of what's in progress or due soon.

Categorize Tasks

Categorize and filter tasks by category, due date & status.

Flexible Tasks

Create standard or multi-step checklist style tasks, with unlimited items.

Private Tasks

Mark tasks as "Private" so they only appear on your dashboard.


Upload files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box & OneDrive.

Task Pigeon Free Task Management Software - Checklist And General Tasks View

FREE(dom) For You or Your Team

Task Pigeon is a great task management solution for both individuals and teams.

Our focus is on making sure that you spend time completing tasks, not writing them down. That's why we have designed our interface to be intuitive and easy to use, no matter how big (or small) your team is.

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Versatile Task Management For Teams

Task Pigeon's task management software is designed with your team's daily activities in mind. Teams choose Task Pigeon when to-do lists, spreadsheets, and emailed notes don't go far enough. When team task management apps like Todoist and Basecamp are too light, or online project management tools like Asana and Wrike are excessive.

Task Management Software For Marketing - Task Pigeon

An effective task management tool for marketing teams to collaborate on content marketing, PPC marketing and SEO campaigns.

Task Management Software For Sales - Task Pigeon

Sales teams need a task management app to manage their pipeline, track sales from prospecting to close and monitor opportunities.

Task Management Software For Human Resources - Task Pigeon
Human Resources

Task management software that makes it easy for HR teams to manage tasks from recruitment to employee on-boarding.

Task Management Software For Customer Service - Task Pigeon
Customer Service

Manage the flood of tasks that flow to your customer service team. Keep track of inbound enquiries and coordinate your response.

Task Management Software For Operations - Task Pigeon

Operations teams need to manage tasks at a global and granular level. Get a global view and manage your own tasks with Task Pigeon.

Task Management Software For Managers - Task Pigeon

Task management software for management teams needs to be both flexible and versitie to meet the demands of your organisation and it's employees.

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