Effortless task management for HR teams who focus on the human capital in your business.

Human Resource teams choose Task Pigeon when they want a simple, yet powerful task management tool to manage "people operations" in their business.

HR Managers Trust Task Pigeon When They Need A Simple, Effective Tool To Manage The People In Their Business.

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Don't Make Managing People In Your Business
Any More Complex Than It Needs To Be

Task Pigeon Free Task Management Software - Dashboard Overview

Create A Clear View Of Your Talent Pipeline

Task Pigeon's flexibility and "global task view" makes it easy to create and manage a pipeline of talent.

Not only that, it is designed to say "goodbye" to complex diagrams and schedules that don't meet the needs of a HR team that needs to move fast and respond to an ever changing market.

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Effortlessly Create A Human Resource Management System That Works For You

Task Pigeon Free Task Management Software Filter Tasks

HR Management Made Easy...

Navigate tasks assigned to you and members of your team. View tasks:

  • Using Kanban Boards
  • In a "List View"
  • As Task Tiles
  • Assigned to your team
  • Assigned to you individually
  • By a particular category
  • That are overdue / due soon
  • Marked as in progress
  • That have been completed

Human Resource Task Management That Isn't A Pain

There is no point having a task management tool for your HR team if it doesn't get used.

Unfortunately, most HR task management tools on the market today are overly complex and take weeks to implement.

The result is, they rarely, if ever get used. They're just too hard. Task Pigeon is different. It's a simple, yet powerful tool that can easily be used by HR teams both small and large.

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Versatile Task Management Software
For Human Resource Teams

Create HR Tasks

Create & assign tasks to one or more people on your Human Resources team.

Manage HR Tasks

Manage HR tasks & keep track of what's in progress or due soon.

Categorize Tasks

Categorize and filter HR tasks by category, due date & status.

Flexible Tasks

Create standard or multi-step checklist style tasks, with unlimited items.

Private HR Tasks

Mark tasks as "Private" so they only appear on your dashboard.

HR Attachments

Upload files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box & OneDrive.

Task Pigeon Free Task Management Software - Checklist And General Tasks View

Create A Human Resource Management System That Works For You

Task Pigeon makes it easy to get a sense for what the team is working on, as well as the individual responsibilities of each employee.

In addition, Task Pigeon's intuitive design its easy to create individual categories and switch between layouts to find a style that suits your needs now (and in the future)

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Insights For Human Resource (HR) Teams

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