Project Management Commenting For Individual Tasks

Unlike chat based tools where comments quickly become lost, Task Pigeon's project management tool allows you and your team to keep track of what's happening by comment on individual tasks.

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Clean & Clear Commenting & Collaboration For Your Tasks

Task Pigeon provides a clean and easy to read commenting window for all tasks. This helps keep the conversation associated with each task all in one place. What's more, tasks can be left in app or via email.

Task Pigeons comment feature when scrolling
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    Clean & Easy To Read Commenting

    Task Pigeon provides a modern and clean window for viewing and commenting on each task, with continuous scroll and the ability to easily see who left what comment.

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    Leave Comments In-App Or View Email

    When a task is assigned to you or a new comment left you can easily respond via email and have your comment automatically sync to your dashboard. Alternatively, you can comment directly in app.

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    Email Notifications For Comments

    Receive email notifications for new comments as they are left of each task and easily respond on the go by simply hitting "reply" from your inbox.

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Collaboration is important to successfully completing any task. That's why Task Pigeon has a strong focus on providing a robust commenting feature that's easy to use and read.

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Project Comments For Tasks & Checklists

Task Pigeon provides the ability to create tasks and checklists. The ability to comment and communicate with your team is supported by both task types, with email notifications sent to those assigned to the task.

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Clean Project Commenting With Continuous Scroll

All the comments associated with a task are kept in one place. Our continuous scroll makes reading comments a breeze.

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