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Not all projects require complex workflows. Sometimes you just need to know what tasks are "in progress". Task Pigeon is the straight-forward yet powerful task management app that fills that gap.

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Here's How You Can Easily Track The Progress of Tasks In Task Pigeon

Task Pigeon's power comes from it's simplicity. It is the straight-forward, yet powerful task management tool for individuals and teams. When it comes to tracking tasks in progress it's no different.

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    Mark Tasks As In Progress

    Mark Task and easily see tasks that are already in progress direct on your dashboard with the "In-Progress" icon..

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    Filter To Easily See Tasks In Progress

    With one click filtering you can immediately jump to the "In Progress" dashboard to get a view of all the work that's already in progress.

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    Or Utilize Kanban Boards For More Flexibility

    Alternatively, you can create custom categories and move tasks through your own workflow. From to-do, to done and everything in-between.

Here's More On Tracking Progress In Task Pigeon

Visual prompts and advanced filtering are the key to helping you and your team manage tasks that are in-progress. Here's how you can use these features to make managing in-progress tasks easier.

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Filter To See Tasks In Progress By Category

When you create a task in Task Pigeon you assign it to a category. This makes it easy to filter and see tasks that are marked in-progress on a per category or per project basis.

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Switch From In-Progres, To Due Soon & Complete

Tracking the progress of a task requires more than just being aware of what's already in-progress. Other key features of Task Pigeon allow you to see tasks marked as "due soon" or "complete.

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Moving Tasks From To-Do, To Doing Using Kanban Boards

Kanban Boards provide another highlight flexible option for managing tasks. With Kanban Boards you can assign custom categories to each board and easily drag and drop tasks from one stage or category to another.

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