Keep Track & Manage Tasks
That Are Due Soon

Keeping track of tasks that are due soon doesn't need to be complex. Task Pigeon makes it easy to see tasks that are "due soon" or overdue, and helps you get more done!

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Seemlessly keep track of tasks as and when they fall due

Task Pigeon provides flexibility when it comes to setting a due date for your tasks. You can set tasks to be due on a set date, ASAP or keep then ongoing. As they then fall due you get an email notification.

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  1. 1

    Due Soon Notifications

    When a task is due within the next 24 hours you will automatically receive a due soon notification to help keep you on track.

  2. 2

    Quickly Filter To Due Soon Tasks

    With one click you can easily filter to see exactly what takss are due soon. This helps focus your effort on the work that really matters.

  3. 3

    Visual Prompts & Reminders

    All tasks that are due soon as provide a visual reminder with the "flame" notification across your dashboard.

Learn More About Keeping Track Of Tasks As They Become Due In Task Pigeon

Task Pigeon provides a variety of ways to keep track of tasks across your team. The due soon notification is only one way you can track and manage tasks. Here's more info on keeping up to date with what is due soon.

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Move Tasks From Due Soon, To In Progress & Complete

Don't get stuck with overdue tasks. Track and manage tasks that are due soon and easily filter with just a single click to switch between tasks marked as in-progres, due soon or completed.

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Alternatively Use Kanban Boards For Your Own Custom Workflow

If you prefer, you can also use the Kanban Board view to create custom categories, such as to-do, in-progress, due-soon and completed, etc. This provides you with an extra level of flexibility with in comes to tracking and managing the tasks you are working on.

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