Task Pigeon Integrates With Evernote

Task Pigeon Integrates With Evernote - Evernote Logo

Integrate your Task Pigeon account with Evernote, and sync new comments or notes to Task Pigeon as tasks.

Integrate With Evernote Now

(Integration via Zapier)

Turn Evernote "notes" Into Tasks & Vice Versa With Task Pigeon's Evernote Integration

About Task Pigeon's
Integration With Evernote

  • The Task Pigeon and Evernote integration is powered by Zapier
  • Integrations in Zapier and called "Zaps"
  • Zapier offers both Free and Paid plans
  • Integrations or "Zaps" can be created in a matter of moments and you don't require any technical skills.
  • Once set up once Zapier will automate the flow of information between Task Pigeon and Evernote.

Integrate With Evernote Now

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How To Integrate Task Pigeon With Evernote
(Via Zapier)

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  1. Create or Login to your Task Pigeon account.
  2. Click this link to connect with Zapier (Available to Task Pigeon users during the 14 day premium trial period and on all paid accounts)
  3. Follow the on screen instructions to Connect Evernote with Task Pigeon.

Zapier offers both free and paid accounts. For individual users and small teams the free tier is usually more than sufficient.

If you still require assistance please contact support.