Great customer service shouldn't be left to chance

Task Pigeon is a lightweight, yet flexible task management tool that makes it easy for your customer service team to stay on top of customer's needs.

Customer Service Teams Trust Task Pigeon To Help
Them Keep Their Customers Front Of Mind

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It's A Simple, Yet Powerful Application
That Won't Let A Customers Request Slip Through The Cracks

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Straightforward. Simple. Easy To Use.

When customers are the lifeblood of your business you just want a tool that does what it says it will do on the tin.

Task Pigeon is the simple, yet powerful task management tool for customer service teams. Spend your time providing outstanding customer service, rather than tracking it in overly complex tools.

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A Dynamic Task Management Tool To Match A Dynamic Customer Service Team

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Create, Assign & Filter Customer Service Requests

Navigate tasks assigned to you and members of your team. View tasks:

  • Using Kanban Boards
  • In a "List View"
  • As Task Tiles
  • Assigned to your team
  • Assigned to you individually
  • By a particular category
  • That are overdue / due soon
  • Marked as in progress
  • That have been completed

A Customer Service Management Solution Without Any Unnecessary Complexity

Customers want their problem solved in a prompt, professional and efficient manner.

Managing customer requests in largely, complex tools makes it easy for staff to pass the buck, or lose track of who owns the relationship.

Power your customer service team with a simple to use, but powerful, task management tool, and delight your customers with your efficiency.

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Everything You Need To Create & Manage
Customer Service Requests

Create Tasks

Create & assign tasks to one or more people on your team.

Manage Tasks

Manage tasks & keep track of what's in progress or due soon.

Categorize Tasks

Categorize and filter tasks by category, due date & status.

Flexible Tasks

Create standard or multi-step checklist style tasks, with unlimited items.

Private Tasks

Mark tasks as "Private" so they only appear on your dashboard.


Upload files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box & OneDrive.

Task Pigeon Free Task Management Software - Checklist And General Tasks View

FREE(dom) To Focus

Task Pigeon focuses you on the here and now. With a central dashboard for you and your team it's always easy to see who is working on what, when.

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Enjoy Task Pigeon's FREE task management tool forever. Or Unlock additional users, features and integrations with 750+ other apps for a low monthly fee.

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